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Bolivia , Friday 23 February 2018

News Bolivia » Pando: Bolivia's 'fatal lottery' story shown in long lost film

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Publication date: Wednesday 19 December 2012

The film fragments are shocking enough, but they are part of an even more dramatic story. According to Bolivian ... would also damage Bolivia's reputation. Jauregui, who was only 16 when Pando died, was caught up in the political machinations of the ...

News Bolivia » Pando: Bolivia flooding displaces thousands in Pando province

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Publication date: uesday 24 February 2015

Flooding has forced more than 4,000 people from their homes in the town of Cobija in northern Bolivia after the river Acre burst its banks. Heavy rains have also caused the nearby river Tahuamanu to burst its banks. Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera ...

News Bolivia » Pando: Bolivia imposes martial law on eastern province

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Publication date: Friday 12 September 2008

BUENOS AIRES — Bolivia declared martial law Friday in the isolated northern state of Pando, site of violent clashes a day earlier that left at least nine dead and dozens injured. The move was the government's most dramatic action yet against a wave of ...

News Bolivia » Pando: Military crackdown hushes Bolivian city

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Publication date: Sunday 14 September 2008

Pando is one of four provinces that voted in favour of greater autonomy from the central government. Tarija province -- home to Bolivia’s vast natural gas reserves -- agricultural powerhouse Santa Cruz, and Beni are the other three.

News Bolivia » Pando: Bolivia: A Country Divided

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 October 2008

Portrait of a Bolivian Conflict by Jean Friedman-Rudovsky In mid-September, just outside the remote Amazonian town of Filadelfia in Bolivia, a small boy emerged ... the governor of Pando, Leopoldo Fernandez. A leading opponent of President Evo Morales ...

News Bolivia » Pando: Two CTX men join project to bring electricity to Bolivia - often for the first time

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Publication date: uesday 28 November 2017

Kirby Dawson and Chris Allen left for the city of Cobija in Pando, Bolivia on Nov. 6. They returned to the states on Nov. 20 to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. To learn more about the project, click here.

News Bolivia » Pando: Violence Erupts at Anti-Government Protests in Bolivia, U.S. Expels Ambassador

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Publication date: hursday 11 September 2008

Opposition groups in the provinces — Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija — are fighting Morales' leftist government for control of Bolivia's lucrative gas revenues. They also are demanding he cancel a Dec. 7 nationwide vote on a new constitution that ...

News Bolivia » Pando: General Pando, Bolivia 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: uesday 30 January 2018

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News Bolivia » Pando: Bolivia declares state of emergency due to intense rainfall

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

"The most difficult is concentrated in (the northern areas of) El Chapare, Beni and a large part of Pando. The rivers are rising constantly ... shows moderate rain will continue to affect much of Bolivia for the rest of the week.